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Meet the Editor: Anja Webb

Meet the Editor: Anja Webb

Meet one of our assistant editors!

Meet Anja Webb, an assistant editor for NYMetroParents. After growing up in Texas, Anja moved to NYC to attend NYU and pursue a career in magazine journalism.

I spent a good deal of my early childhood on a small farm in South Texas, waking up every morning to the sound of roosters crowing and cow tails thudding against the windows. I lived in a log cabin on a dirt road and my nearest neighbor was a mile away. I lived so far out in the boonies that I didn’t have television, Internet, or even radio signal. So to pass the time growing up on the farm, I wrote.

I would write constantly, from creating magazines (namely Chicken Magazine, a bird themed fashion publication) to making up stories about anything and everything. However, the best day of the week was library day. On Sundays after church, my family would load up in our pickup truck and head into town. We would buy our supplies for the week, and, if I had done all my chores, I would get to stop by the library and pick out whatever book I wanted.

anja with a cow

Cow about them apples!

Eventually we went from the farm to the suburbs (the chickens made the move with us, of course), but I wanted more. Naturally, when I told my parents I was moving to New York City, they were bewildered. They tried to persuade me to apply to Texas A&M, but I insisted on NYU. I had my heart set on going to the big city to become an editor.

Though moving to the New York is one of the best choices I’ve ever made, it’s been quite a transition. I went from a scene out of Little House on the Prairie to horns honking, continual construction, and the strange smell of the MTA.

Thankfully, from my years at being involved with NYU cheerleading and my sorority, I got to know and love New York. I made friends, figured out the subway, and discovered the wonders of 24-hour food trucks. However, the best part by far has been finding my calling at NYMetroParents where I hope to be writing for a long time.

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Main image: Truly a personality pic and absolutely nothing has changed.


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Anja Webb

Author: Anja Webb, a recent graduate of New York University, is an assistant editor at NYMetroParents. She can usually be found doing yoga, eating acai bowls, and playing excessive amounts of Xbox. See More

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