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Meet the Intern: Megan Vasquez

Meet the Intern: Megan Vasquez

Meet NYMP's fall 2018 editorial intern

Meet Megan Vasquez, a 2018 fall editorial intern for NYMetroParents. Vasquez is a junior at New York University who spends a lot of her free time at the dog park with her chihuahua.

Remember when we were really young, our parents would give us a bedtime, lights out? This was a huge inconvenience to me, since reading in the dark was exponentially harder than reading with light. Nonetheless, I succeeded in reading by my window via the night sky’s soft glow, like the moon child I am. Then, I would fall asleep and dream myself into different worlds of spies, magical creatures, and parallel universes… One time, I had a nightmare that I was stuck in the world of Rugrats, a universe opposite my house, and was destined to repeat the same day in a cartoon world. Those were the kinds of things I dreamt and daydreamed about.

This is unsurprising considering the fact that my mom taught me to read by the time I was 2 years old using Hooked on Phonics, allowing my imagination to run wild. My grandma has instilled in me, “Writing is in your blood.” My grandparents were writers in the Philippines; they were editors of their respective university newspapers. After graduating, my grandpa was invited to become a business columnist for a daily newspaper while my grandma became a lifestyle columnist for another newspaper.

megan vasquez as a child

Check out my rad fashion sense. No one fails to remind me that I was picking out shoes before I could even talk.

My grandparents always fostered my creativity, you should have seen the “art” I doodled with bright blue and fuchsia markers all over their dining room table. Everywhere I went for the majority of my childhood, a tornado of colored paper, paint, and glitter glue followed. At some point, it turned into journals and loose-leaf paper filled with other-worldly stories. When high school hit, this organized chaos turned into notes for different articles for my school and town newspapers.

Human connection has always been a priority in my life, and something I want to explore every day. For one of my internships, I had the opportunity to canvass and go door-to-door. I understood the wonder of story-telling and hearing about other people’s life experiences. This shaped me into a more curious person with a huge case of wanderlust and desire to experience new places and meet new people. This thirst has taken me on unforgettable adventures to 23 different states, Europe, South America, and French Polynesia. And I can’t wait for more travels. I hope to someday travel around Third World countries and provide mental health counseling in their native tongue.

megan vasquez in bora bora

This picture was taken this past summer in Bora Bora. I was interested in hearing legends about how the island was formed and learning more about traditional Polynesian dance and food.

I loved childhood. Everything encompassed in soccer practice and science fairs, band practice and summer camps, made me the happiest little girl. I’m thankful my parents wanted my two brothers and me to have well-rounded childhoods because I fell in love with life and learned that opportunities are endless. I was the only girl on a boys’ soccer team, played volleyball on a national team, pursued the piano and saxophone, won gold medals in science fairs, and was president of my Junior State of America chapter. It seemed like a no-brainer to gain experience at NYMetroParents because I care about nurturing children through experiences to become mindful and independent.

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