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Meet the Editor: Whitney C. Harris

Meet the Editor: Whitney C. Harris

Introducing Whitney C. Harris, a freelance writer, native New Yorker, mom of a young daughter, and our Manhattan and Westchester calendar editor.

My childhood spent growing up on Long Island prepared me for parenthood in ways I never could have anticipated. Hot summers spent climbing trees, running through sprinklers, and catching and releasing fireflies taught me a love and respect for the outdoors that comes naturally to my daughter. Long winters adding layer upon layer of wool before stepping outside to go ice-skating at the town pond gave me the stamina I need to be an at-home parent facing a long day with a toddler. Waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Expressway during rush hour gave me the patience required of a modern mom. And the easy access to Manhattan for museum visits, zoo trips, holiday celebrations, and more cultivated in me the kind of curiosity that children always seem to reignite in their parents. Of course, nothing could prepare me for the sleepless nights of those very first months with a newborn. But little can. 

After living in Brooklyn as newlyweds and eating our way through the borough’s amazing restaurants, my husband and I decided to pack up and move to Sleepy Hollow on the banks of the Hudson River. We were ready to grow our family and needed a big backyard for our firstborn—a dog named Finley. Our Long Island relatives thought we were crazy to move to Westchester, but we were ready to bid our shared hometown farewell and find a place all our own. And the city has proven a convenient midway point to meet up for extended family fun—we go south, they head west.

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While my husband still makes the now staggering daily commute into Brooklyn, I stay home with our 2-year-old daughter and teach her everything I think she’s ready to know about the world through tons of play and excursions. I find the time to write when she’s napping (please, never stop napping!) and also after putting her to bed for the night. Some days we stick close to home and read books and draw pictures together. Most days we go on play dates, meet other tots at the library, or hike in the woods. And a few times a month we venture into the city to visit old friends, explore Central Park, or wander around the latest or greatest kid-friendly attraction. 

It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized how much of a lifeline these events and venues can be. Whether you’re a working parent, an at-home parent, or a mix between the two like me, chances are you’re looking to connect with other families and find fun things to do in your increasingly scarce free time. And that’s where I want to get to know all of you better. On a Sunday morning convincing our toddlers to take one more bite of a brunch omelet, on a Tuesday afternoon pushing our shrieking children on swings at the park, or on a Saturday date night (sans kids!) at that amazing new restaurant—those everyday outings that make parenting even more of an adventure. I hope to see you all around the city. 

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