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Mill Basin Day Camp Adds Laser Maze and Rock-Climbing Wall, Makes Renovations

Mill Basin Day Camp Adds Laser Maze and Rock-Climbing Wall, Makes Renovations

The new additions to Mill Basin Day Camp will make summer 2019 an unforgettable one!

At Mill Basin Day Camp, the Laser Maze activity will involve children weaving through a Mission Impossible-esque maze of beams of light. They’ll climb over and under the lasers to reach a special “verification point” in which they must enter a 3-digit code of their choosing and scan their handprints. Once they’ve successfully “unlocked” the maze, kids will go back through the course to return to the starting point. However, on the way back, the lasers will activate sporadically and instead of avoiding contact with the lasers, kids will try to karate chop through them!

Mill Basin Day Camp is also introducing a horizontal rock-climbing wall in which children will be climbing from side to side, rather than upwards. The rock wall will be 40-feet in length and 6-feet in height. “It’s like Twister, but on a rock climbing wall,” says Jack Grosbard, owner of Mill Basin Day Camp. The wall will be better for children who are scared of heights and will reduce the risk of falling or other heights-related injuries. The area will still be fully padded and supervised.

For older kids, from grades fifth-ninth, the camp is unveiling a virtual reality game system. The games won’t have any fighting or violence, and will be more experience-based and explorative.

For children in grades kindergarten-sixth, there will be a Mad Science activity offered as well.

In addition to the new activities, the camp has installed two new locker rooms and two dance studios over the winter months. All the renovations, including the maze, rock climbing wall, and virtual reality feature, will be completed by the end of May, just in time for the upcoming camp season.

Mill Basin Day Camp serves children from Pre-K through entering ninth grade. The camp is located at 5945 Strickland Ave., Mill Basin. For more information call 718-251-6200, email, or visit

Anja Webb

Author: Anja Webb, a recent graduate of New York University, is an assistant editor at NYMetroParents. She can usually be found doing yoga, eating acai bowls, and playing excessive amounts of Xbox. See More

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