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Mitzvah Market Develops B'Nai Mitzvah Planning Software

Mitzvah Market developed Mitzvah Organizer, a b'nai mitzvah planning program to helps parents who are planning a bar or bat mitzvah stay organized and stress-free.

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The planning process for a bar mitzvah often starts 2 years ahead of the big event. Mitzvah Organizer helps busy parents remember every detail during planning.

Planning your child’s bar or bat mitzvah just got a lot easier and more streamlined with the Mitzvah Organizer ($69.95), a new, comprehensive, web-based b’nai mitzvah planning software option. After years of communicating with parents who were overwhelmed with all that goes into planning a bar or bat mitzvah, Mitzvah Market, founded by Sheri Lapidus, developed the software to help eliminate the challenges, issues, and frustrations that arise with planning such an event.

mitzvah organizer logoWith so many details to keep track of—temple honors, budgets, candle lighting poems, guest lists, hotel welcome baskets, RSVPs, buses, décor, and favors—there are myriad tasks that go into planning a bar or bat mitzvah celebration. This cloud-based program auto-updates information, tabulates expenses, and can be accessed quickly and easily on all Internet-connected devices—smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users can also share details with other participants in the planning process.

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“Imagine pulling out your phone and walking into your party space with a seating chart in hand, allowing Grandma to arrange her own tables on her iPad, or emailing the sweatshirt sizes of all your guests to your vendor while you are at work,” Lapidus, a Long Island mom of two, says.

mitzvah organizer iconsAll details are easy to keep track of with Mitzvah Organizer.

In addition to being a life-simplifying tool for parents, Mitzvah Organizer is itself a mitzvah. For each purchase of the software, a donation will be made to The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for Children with Disabilities, which prepares young Israelis with mental or physical disabilities (who often carry a negative stigma in Israel, especially in traditionally religious communities, according to Masorti) for a bar or bat mitzvah.

For more information or to download the software, visit mitzvahorganizer.com.