Marion K. Salomon and Associates Joins HASC

MKSA, LLC, formerly Marion K Salomon and Associates, recently partnered with HASC to offer its early intervention services on Long Island. As a subsidiary of HASC, MKSA, LLC now offers in-home early intervention services.

marion k salomon staff

The MKSA, LLC staff celebrates becoming a subsidiary of HASC.

Marion K. Salomon and Associates, which is an approved provider of early intervention services for Nassau and Suffolk counties, now offers its early intervention program as a subsidiary of HASC under the name MKSA, LLC. The MKSA, LLC early intervention program helps children ages newborn to 3 years, and is entirely home-based. It focuses on autism diagnosis and treatment but other therapies, including physical therapy and social work, are also available. The professionals at the Marion K. Salomon and Associates Early Intervention Program staff the MKSA, LLC early intervention program.

Annie Vigliotti, the director of the early intervention program, says HASC and MKSA, LLC complement each other in that MKSA, LLC has a good reputation for its early intervention program, and HASC has a good reputation for its preschool program.

“We joined forces with an agency that has been around since 1963, and we are able to expand into more boroughs,” Vigliotti says.

The MKSA, LLC early intervention program is available in Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Educational services are also available with certified teachers. All services and therapies will be at the home of the child, but if parents wish, they can bring children to MKSA LLC’s Plainview location for select therapies.