On The Blogroll: Mocha Manual Motherhood in Color

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Blogging from: Queens

Explore the world of mothers of color with Kimberly Seals Allers on her blog The Mocha Manual.com's Motherhood in Color. An award-winning journalist, Kimberly is the author of The Mocha Manual book series and writes on issues relating to mothers of color.

At Mocha Manual, you can find pregnancy and parenting tips and stories broken up by different age groups you personally live with. There’s pregnancy, babies & toddlers, big kid, and tweens and teens.

As a single mom of two kids, Kimberly has a special section just for single moms and even features a section for dads. The single mom section covers topics such as how to use homework time efficiently, black children and asthma, and tips on how to have personal time as a single mother. One unique section of Allers’ blog is her “Breastfeeding section," which shares multiple stories of mothers and their breastfeeding experiences.

There are also recipes on foods that are good for breastfeeding moms. Kimberly shares personal stories as well as conducts interviews, features guest posts, and writes about other mother’s experiences to keep things different. — Jin Lee