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Long Island Sports Zone to Offer Parent and Me Play Time

Long Island Sports Zone to Offer Parent and Me Play Time

Long Island Sports Zone, a sports facility in Bohemia, will begin a parent and me play time for mothers, fathers, and their children. The parent and child play time offers children the opportunity for social interaction.

long island sports zone turf area
Mommy and Me Play Time allows parents and children to spend time together at the Long Island Sports Zone turf field. 

Long Island Sports Zone will introduce a new program on Feb. 2 called Mommy and Me Play Time, during which mothers (and fathers) can bring their child to play and bond with others in the indoor sports facility.

Owner Randy Caden decided to create Mommy and Me because parents expressed a need for their children to stay healthy and active—especially during the winter. He says this will be a great way for kids to interact make friends, almost like a playdate. “I’ve played Mr. Mom and being a parent, you need a break,” he says. “If you could have your kids run around, you can just sit there and read—maybe talk to a human being that’s over 3 or 5.”

Children will have the opportunity to play tag, kick or throw a ball, go through an obstacle course with cones, and use mats to roll or tumble at the Sports Zone’s turf field. Mommy and Me will be offered Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm. Sessions are $10 for the first child and $5 for each additional child.

Other services offered include birthday parties, complete with pizza, cake, and games on the sports field; private, group, and team lessons in baseball, softball, and lacrosse; and field rentals for any sports team to meet and practice.


Samantha Neudorf

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