Mommy-and-Me Music Class Opens Location in College Point

Mommy-and-Me Music Class Opens Location in College Point

As of January, Mommy, Music, & Me is a featured program in the learning center at Babies 'R' Us in College Point. Founded in 20013, the music class is  is “a place where you can have fun with you child, and see what kind of learner your child is,” with the goal of “supporting life-long love of learning, and a life-long love of music” from a young age, says says founder Wendy DeAngelis. 

The class is derived from the Music Together program, which is an informal musical training program for children ages newborn to 5, based on continual research about how children develop and learn.

Every semester families receive two CDs, an uploaded songbook, and an interactive family guide, and access to an exclusive online family music zone. Then in the 45-minute weekly classes, participants use a variety of instruments and props to learn about sounds, rhythm, and beat, through song, dance, and imaginative and dramatic play.

Since 2003, Mommy, Music, & Me has shared over 10,000 CDs and songbooks with families across Queens. And because of the scope of its library, a single child can participate in the program year after year and never repeat a song collection. Classes are for mixed ages, so siblings can attend and learn together along with their adult companion. Classes are offered at a variety of locations, times, and days throughout Queens, and DeAngelis invites all prospective families so schedule a free trial class.

The goal is to “jumpstart every other way that children can bring music into their daily lives,” says DeAngelis.

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