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New York City Siblings Share a Unique Closeness

New York City Siblings Share a Unique Closeness

Monica Marino, a New York City mother, reflects on the unique sibling bond her children have with each other and shares the value of siblings through beautiful images of her children.

Recently, a comment on social media—how do you get your kids to do that for pictures?!—left me thinking about the bond that my children, Lucia, 7, and Adrian, 5, share. Sure, I considered a comforting comeback such as: “Bribery!” But the truth is, I’m typically sneaking up on spontaneous scenes. My kids have taught me that the value of the unique sibling bond should never be underestimated. It should be celebrated for its color and beauty, for its reassurance that love is the ultimate antidote.

marino children blowing bubbles
Boardwalk Bonding: We often wake to sounds of their made-up games, with characters that exist only in their bubble. They are determined to complete missions—like booby-trapping their bedroom—together. 


marino children hugging
All Wrapped Up: A baby brother was a difficult adjustment for Lucia, who was 2 when her brother arrived. I feared they’d never get along, but their bond grew organically. When I scold Lucia, Adrian admonishes me about kindness, then offers toys and hugs to his sister.


marino children peeking in window
The Pursuit of Happiness: I think that a shared bedroom fostered my children’s magical bond, their penchant for seeking adventures and discoveries together. We’ve asked if they’d like to have their own rooms several times—both vehemently protest.


marino children swing ride
Almost…!: As soon as Adrian became a steady walker, I constantly directed them to hold hands when we were out. Unprompted hand-holding soon became a regular occurrence.


marino children at the beach
Make Waves—Us?: Sometimes I think that their souls have been connected far longer than what is visible. Like any brother and sister, they have their moments. Yet days of only love and laughter far outnumber those with any discord.


marino children in bedroom
Room for Two: My favorite photographs of my children are taken when they are unaware of my presence. As a quiet observer to their world, I’ve been able to capture golden moments such as this.


marino children christmas tree farm
To Every Season: I’m grateful that my children will always have each other. Unlike so many things in life, their siblinghood will remain a constant.  


marino children reading
Picture This!: Reading together is a favorite pastime. On most nights, I have to take away the flashlight and book and send one of them back to his or her own bed.


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Author: Monica Marino is the New York City mom behind She is a former researcher with a master’s degree in public health turned work-from-home mother to two children. See More

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