Montefiore Expands Gastroenterology and Nutrition Division


The Children's Hospital at Montefiore, located in the Bronx, recently expanded its pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition department with a state-of-the-art pediatric endoscopy suite and its urology division with new staff and a hybrid lab. The medical center in New York City offers treatment for children ages newborn to 22 years.

children's hospital at montefiore's new endoscopy suite
John F. Thompson, M.D., chief of gastroenterology and nutrition, and Yolanda Rivas, M.D., director of endoscopy, in the new endoscopy suite and fluoroscopy unit at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

The Children's Hospital at Montefiore, a children’s hospital with a world-renowned staff, recently expanded its Gastroenterology and Nutrition division, with a state-of-the-art endoscopy suite, and the addition of many experienced board-certified pediatric gastroenterologists. Children ages newborn to 22 years can be treated at the endoscopy suite. The division specializes in inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, therapeutic endoscopy, and short bowel syndrome.

The recently renovated endoscopy suite treats infants and children through endoscopic techniques that may avoid invasive surgeries. Highly accredited doctors that work closely with pediatric surgeons and adult gastroenterologists treat many of these life-threatening diseases in the suite. Some conditions treated through the endoscopic procedures include intestinal bleeding, esophageal and bowel obstruction, ingestion of foreign bodies, and the introduction of stomach feeding tubes.

Montefiore also expanded is Urology division this year by adding a team of pediatric urologists. The hospital also offers a hybrid catheterization lab, one of the first in the area. “The hybrid catheterization lab meets the same standards as an operating room, which greatly reduces the change of infection for the pediatric patients,” says Robert H. Pass, M.D., director of pediatric electrophysiology and pediatric interventional cardiology.