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Mother’s Day Memories and Other Quotables

Mother’s Day Memories and Other Quotables

Here's to you, Moms!

Between the screaming kids, poopy diapers, and seemingly constant cries of “I’m hungry” or “I’m bored,” motherhood takes a lot out of us. But it is extremely rewarding (finally getting those kids potty-trained and out of diapers, anyone?) and makes our hearts happy (unexpected kisses and bedtime snuggles). Though moms may get small (or large) acts of love throughout the year, we asked you about your favorite memory from Mother’s Day, from the “corny” to the downright special. We also feature quotes from our go-to blogs and sites, including following the gut-feeling, and what moms really want for Mother’s Day (hint, hint, hubby!), plus sneak a peek at a very fashionable mother-daughter duo.

What has been your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

“It’s corny, but my first Mother’s Day as a mom is my favorite. We had just brought Luke home a few weeks before and honestly the day had slipped my mind, but luckily not my husband’s. He surprised me with flowers and breakfast in bed where the three of us stayed all morning. It was the best!”

–Mary Hass, New City

“I told my mom I was pregnant with my first child on Mother’s Day 10 years ago. It was way before those viral videos…but my mom’s reaction was so great, I wish I’d filmed [it]. I could have started the trend much earlier.”

–Grace Skinner, Bayside, Queens

“Because I was adopted, Mother’s Day was always pretty bittersweet for me. I’m looking forward to making new Mother’s Day memories with my son, but not until next year. I’m not due until July!”

–Marisa Beyer, Tribeca, Manhattan

“My husband’s mom passed when he was very young, so he never really celebrated. He’s more than making up for it now with me, and we always make sure to commemorate his mom in the process. Every Mother’s Day has been my favorite.”

–Cheryl H., Park Slope, Brooklyn

“My favorite Mother’s Day memory was last year with my girls and my mother and grandmother. It was so special to see all four generations together.”

–Julia Romanov, Piermont

Reading for Readiness

"Do you remember that time? It is that odd stage of pregnancy when everyone swears by a certain method or book. I found it really overwhelming then. I stayed away then. Once, we found a stack of pregnancy books and swore we’d read them and eventually, just let them compile with the stack of unreadables. I’m sure they were insightful and beautiful, but my personal comfort in parenting is in just gut-feeling and asking questions with real-life living role-models."

–LaTonya Yvette in a post entitled “On Following The Gut-Feeling” 

Put Your Fashionable Foot Forward

fashionable mother-daughter duo

in an instagram

Motherhood is a new chapter in life so make sure it’s a fabulous one!

(Posted by @scoutthecity aka Brooklyn mom and fashion blogger, Sai De Silva) 


Mother’s Day Wish

“Let me sleep in. To be able to wake up as late as I want would be awesome. Since this rarely happens, I’d appreciate it more than you could ever know. What this means for you, darling husband, is waking up when the kids wake up and making sure they understand that I’m not to be disturbed until I’ve decided to come out of my sleeping chamber.”

–Alice Currah in an article entitled “What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day


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