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Music for Children and Beyond to Offer Two New Programs

Music for Children and Beyond, a music program that offers music classes for kids in Norwalk, now offers a ukulele class for kids and baby and parent music classes.

young girl playing ukulele

Kids in Uke Can Do It will learn basic ukulele skills and build on them.

Starting in October, Music for Children and Beyond, an early childhood program that enlivens and inspires children’s musical development, plans to offer a ukulele program called Uke Can Do It as well as baby classes. Music for Children and Beyond is open year-round for children who are looking to experience music in a fun and creative way through play.

Uke Can Do It focuses on teaching children ages 7-10 how to play the ukulele while developing their music skills and musicianship. Children will learn how to strum, play chords, switch chords, and sing and play at the same time. Once students tackle the different chords, they will learn major and minor chords, building on their knowledge every week.

The baby classes offer parents of 2- to 8-month-olds the opportunity to come together with their babies in a community that contributes to and supports the baby’s musical, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. During these classes, parents will sing, rhyme, dance, do yoga, interact, and engage with their babies. Uke Can Do It and baby classes will be held once a week for 10 weeks.

“We connect the heart of the music with the heart of the child,” says Mary Ann Hall, founding director and teacher of Music for Children and Beyond. “All of these classes are child-centered and they integrate music into the life experiences of children by rescuing music from an isolated place and putting it back into the everyday life.”


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