Upper West Side Kid's Gym Offers Yoga, Martial Arts

My Gym, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, recently added yoga and martial arts to its schedule of classes for children. The gym aims to help children develop their fine motor skills, balance, strength, and agility through the classes offered.

boy practicing martial arts

My Gym on the Upper West Side recently added yoga and martial arts classes to their schedule of children’s gym classes, and they offer free trial classes for anyone who is interested. 

Yoga classes, available for kids age 5 and older, incorporate games and partnering exercises. Yoga directly promotes flexibility and coordination, while improving children’s concentration. Martial arts classes, offered to 3½- to 6-year-olds, take the discipline of traditional martial arts practice and combined with My Gym’s fun, unique interpretation. My Gym aims to work on kid’s fine motor skills, balance, strength, and agility through their multitude of classes, owner Brian Davis says.

“What separates us are the quality of teachers and quality of the programs,” Davis says. “It’s the My Gym DNA—a mix of entertainment and love of kids and love of fitness.”

My Gym boasts a level of flexibility that other gyms do not. My Gym does not require users to sign up for a full semester of classes; they charge by the month and teach hour-long classes instead of the standard 45 minutes. A special promotion is available when signing up for their new yoga and martial arts classes—receive 50 percent off of the first month.

My Gym is part of a national network of 270 locations, but is locally owned and operated. With access to childhood experts within the network, My Gym’s programs are always evolving, Davis says.