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Nail Salon With Supervised Playroom Opens in Flushing

Nail Salon With Supervised Playroom Opens in Flushing

Judy Mejia says she founded Nails By Judes to give mothers a sense of community and a place to practice self care without worrying about who is watching their little ones.

Moms of young children know: Life can get crazy and overwhelming and sometimes its impossible to remember the last time you had a moment of pure relaxation. If you're looking for self-care time, Nails By Judes opened this November in Flushing. The best part? You won't have to worry about your kids wreaking havoc through the salon because there is a supervised playroom.

Mejia says that she began plans to open Nails By Judes in 2017. Her inspiration for the nail salon came from her own experience as a mother.

"The first few years of being a mom are very challenging," says Mejia. "I feel like we're living in a time where, as mothers, we have so much responsibility, so the last person we think about taking care of is ourself. To me, getting my nails done was the little treat that made me feel so much better, but I didn't realize what a luxury it was until I had my son and hardly ever had time."

The Flushing-based nail salon's 200-square-foot supervised playroom features a flat screen TV for kids to enjoy their favorite shows, benches, a coloring table, a shelf of children's books, and baby seats. Mejia says she hopes to implement a reading hour and music hour during which parents can collaborate.

"We're doing something specifically for moms, for women with young kids, for women who want that extra helping hand when they need a little breather," says Mejia. "To me, its not just a salon. It's not just about beautifying your nails. It's about self-care and taking some time for yourself."


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