Kids Learning Loft Offers Animal Therapy, Social Skills Program


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Williston Park-based therapy center for children with special needs now offers two new therapy programs: animal therapy and an after-school social skills peer-based program. The loft, which caters to children on the autism spectrum and with ADD or ADHD, also offers in-home therapy, speech therapy, and yoga, as well as consultation services.
chiidren interacting on a one-on-one setting
 Two children work on social skills
in a one-on-one setting.

Kids Learning Loft, an education center that provides therapy services to students with special needs, is introducing a socialization-based after-school program at its location in Williston Park. The loft caters to children on the autism spectrum, with ADD or ADHD, as well as children without special needs who have social or academic difficulties.

The program is peer-based, allowing other students to help their friends who have special needs. Under the supervision of trained therapists, students with special needs can learn real-world socialization skills with the help of friendly peers and professionals.

Another new program Kids Learning Loft offers is animal therapy. A therapist will use a guinea pig to create a comfortable atmosphere and provide learning experiences (such as finding out what kinds of food the animal eats).

Founders Jennifer Kourassais-Velazquez, board-certified behavior analyst, and Christine Saulnier-Cinotti, a NYS-certified teacher, created the center after working for similar programs for years. Both felt that their competitors weren’t offering adequate service to parents, skipping over important items such as therapy follow-ups.

Kids Learning Loft also offers one-on-one in-home therapy, speech therapy, and yoga, as well as consultation services for parents and schools. 


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