New Child Care Center in Ridgewood Offers Unique Learning

New Child Care Center in Ridgewood Offers Unique Learning

One of the many unique aspects of Beautiful Minds Child Care is daily yoga lessons, designed to help kids process their emotions.

Beautiful Minds Child Care took over the location of a previous day care business in July and is bringing many unique changes to day care options for kids in Queens. The Queens childcare center teaches kids through a creative curriculum with thematic units, so all lessons are structured around a weekly theme that includes new vocabulary and projects. Owner and executive director Alina Keyserman says Beautiful Minds decided to teach thematically because she has found that information sticks better with kids when it revolves around one idea. Other unique aspects of Beautiful Minds include Spanish lessons every day and yoga. 

Beautiful Minds also teaches Spanish every day teaches kids yoga every day, but not just poses. The center uses yoga lessons to help kids identify and process their emotions calmly. Keyserman says the idea of a shaping a beautiful mind—she says the name for the center just came to her—is reinforced through yoga and allowing kids to process how they feel on their own terms.

"We give [kids] tools to deal with any situation. The number one situation they’d run into here is frustration when they can’t share a toy, when they have to wait for something, or something is not completed on their terms,” Keyserman says. “This is where yoga comes in. We don’t only practice poses, we also practice mediation during the day, basically giving them tools to reorganize [their] thoughts. [Yoga] is not just movement. It’s also where your mind is.”

Beautiful Minds works to help kids develop their minds in positive directions, think good thoughts, and tackle conflict effectively.

The child care center offers a food menu with organic and gluten free options and hot meals are prepared and delivered daily. Care is offered for children ages 2-5.

For more information about Beautiful Minds Child Care visit the Beautiful Minds website

Image courtesy Beautiful Minds Child Care