New City Jewish Center to Offer After-Care Hours

New City Jewish Center to Offer After-Care Hours

New City Jewish Center's Early Childhood Center recently announced that it will offer after-care hours for its students. The center, which already offers before-care hours, teaches traditional pre-K subjects, as well as Judaic traditions and values.

new city jewish center early childhood center

The New City Jewish Center’s Early Childhood Center welcomes children ages 2-4 years for its school and enrichment programs, which are designed to help children learn and acclimate to social experiences. Currently, the school offers early child care from 8-9am to help parents with their child care needs. Starting in September, the school will also offer an after-school program from 2:30-5:30pm.

“We are doing this as a service to the parents who need longer child care hours,” says Jackie Binstock, New City Jewish Center’s early childhood education director. The after-school program includes a snack and naptime, and will entertain students with activities, gym classes, and time on the playground.

During the school day, students learn pre-math, pre-literacy, and other traditional pre-K subjects. Children then participate in an enrichment program, from 12-2:30pm, which involves more social interaction. On Fridays, lessons focus on Judaic traditions. The school integrates the Judaic rituals and values into the classroom.

Children must be enrolled in the school to attend the before- or after-care classes, but there is flexibility in what days the children attend. “They can pick and choose and come whatever days they like,” Binstock says.

Enrollment for September began last month and is ongoing.