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New York City Now Required to Provide Menstrual Products for Girls in School

New York City Now Required to Provide Menstrual Products for Girls in School

The Governor announced via Twitter

New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced via Twitter that schools will now be required to provide free menstrual products for girls in grades 6-12. These products will be available in every girl's bathroom in New York State schools.

Back in January the Governor announced plans to empower more girls across the state and included included in this proposal was to, "Empower young people to forge healthy relationships, work to close the gender gap in STEM, provide mentoring and leadership opportunities for girls across the State, and ensure access to menstrual products in public schools."

“Menstrual products are as necessary as toilet paper and soap, but can be one expense too many for struggling families,” Cuomo tweeted.

Unfortunately many girls in low-income families do not have access to menstrual products. The January proposal stated, "In New York, 42 percent of children live in low income families. At $7 to $10 per package, a month's supply of something as simple as a box of pads or tampons can be one expense too many for struggling families. The United Nations has even linked menstrual hygiene access to human rights."

Providing free access to these products will hopefully lessen the stigma around periods and ensure that no girl is made uncomfortable or shamed because of her biology.

"The Governor and the Women and Girls Council know that knowledge is power and we applaud the inclusion of the "Be Informed-Be Aware" module in the Executive's Budget Proposal. Giving young people the tools they need to have healthy, safe relationship benefits all New Yorkers. It is key to give all youth access to medically accurate, age-appropriate learning regardless of where they live. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Council to make this a reality," said President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts Robin Chappelle Golston in a statement.

We are happy to see New York State makes moves toward empowering girls!


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