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New York Performers Academy Offers Flexible Schedules for Child Actors and Models

New York Performers Academy Offers Flexible Schedules for Child Actors and Models

Barbizon, a modeling and talent center in Manhattan, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary, has recently opened an academic education center for young models and actors, named the New York Performers Academy.

“After seeing the need for an alternative school following one of our Barbizon students Nina Lu, turn into a Disney star overnight, she could not return to her regular public school,” Larry Lionetti, President of New York Performers Academy said. “We realized offering academics in a school filled with performing arts studies was the best option for working kids and teens.”

Lionetti said that families choose the New York Performers Academy due to the opportunity for flexible scheduling. Students have the opportunity to complete academic requirements a few days a week, or even on nights and weekends, allowing them time to go to casting calls and auditions. They also encourage their students to take performing arts classes as extra-curriculars on the side.

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Additionally, the New York Performers Academy offers one-on-one academic tutoring, AP and replacement courses, as well as programs for home-school students looking to study performing arts.

“We help students succeed by placing a premium on core values such as self-esteem, personal responsibility, academic and creative performance and accountability, and respect for others,” Lionetti said. “Our year-round academic program enables young talent to professionally study their craft, audition, and perform all while earning their middle school credits and high school diploma.”

The New York Performers Academy is located at 1384 Broadway St., 17th floor. For more information call 800-488-3878 or visit

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