On The Blogroll: New York State of Mom

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Blogging From: Brooklyn, NY

Candace, a true New Yorker at heart, began New York State of Mom after her move from a seven year stretch in Philadelphia back to her hometown of Brooklyn. Upon her return to New York, Candace was living la vie en rose: a married woman, a new mother, and a native Brooklyn girl falling in love with her city all over again. But life changed drastically with a subsequent divorce and then grad school. Despite the challenges, Candace and her son, Chunks, manage to enjoy all that NYC has to offer to both an old Brooklyn veteran and a young child experiencing the city for the first time.

New York State of Mom covers a wide range of topics from motherhood, raising a boy as a single mother, raising a child in the same place where mom spent her childhood, divorce, dating, grad school, working, fashion, technology, and trying to stay balanced. Candace’s posts are filled with pictures so you can really get a flavor of what she and Chunks are up to.

The occasional “Yummy Mondays” posts are great to read for delicious recipes and reviews of some restaurants all over the city that Candace frequents. Her photos are particularly useful and exciting to check out on her posts about anything relating to fashion and beauty. Candace, clearly a nail polish addict, loves to post about the newest colors, latest nail trends, and best brands in her “Manicure Mondays” tag. Recently, she blogged about her night out with beauty experts at an event for BECCA Cosmetics, and of course, she documented the whole event with photos.  

New York State of Mom is an entertaining and honest blog loaded with great tips and pictures that will surely be helpful to any mom. –  Melanie Shapiro