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In the Magazine: November 2017

In the Magazine: November 2017

Take a peek inside our November 2017 issue!

Check out our November 2017 issue, which covers kids who started nonprofits and information about eating disorders, as well as tips on how to pick a pediatrician and where to go ice-skating. Plus: helping kids with special needs focus on abilities, where to volunteer with your family, and Thanksgiving desserts kids can help make.

Feature Articles

15 Questions to Ask a Prospective Pediatrician

female pediatrician with baby

A good pediatrician is an invaluable resource—here’s how to find the best fit for your family’s needs.

Making a Difference: Meet 5 Young Adults Who Started Nonprofit Organizations

young woman outside in winter

These young people were so dedicated to improving the world they launched their own nonprofit organizations.

Thanksgiving Desserts Kids Can Help Bake

fruit tart

Pie, crumble, and tart recipes from Kids in the Kitchen that are perfect for children to help bake.

Does My Child Have an Eating Disorder?

teen girl pinching waist

Three experts share what to look out for, the physical and mental health risks, and how to get your child the help she needs.

Helping Kids with Special Needs Focus on Abilities

 boy writing in journal

When your child with special needs starts to feel discouraged in school, let him read this, or use this as a guide, to help him through it.

Fun and Activities

Family Activities Calendar

macy's thanksgiving day parade

Find tons of fun things to do in your area in November by searching our comprehensive calendar of kid and family events.

This is Why You Shouldn't Sneeze into Your Hands

illustration of two children with germs on hands

Your kids will love this gross health experiment!

5 Reasons We Love Long Island City

pepsi cola sign long island city queens

Culture, street art, and scenic views abound across the East River in Queens.

Where to Volunteer with Your Kids in the New York Metro Area

people volunteering

Lend a little hand in your community, and make it a family affair! We've put together a guide to places around the New York Metro Area that need your help.

Indoor and Outdoor Ice-Skating Rinks in the New York Area

young girl holding ice skates

Looking for a great place to ice skate with your kids? We've rounded up indoor and outdoor ice-skating rinks in the New York area.




Posted by @mommygorjess

We've browsed the Internet, read the books, and checked our Twitter and Instagram feeds for the best quotes, tweets, and images from parents about raising kids.

Interview with Jess Shatkin, Author of 'Born to Be Wild'

two teenagers

Jess Shatkin, M.D., M.P.H., leads the educational efforts of the NYU Child Study Center and recently wrote Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks and How We Can Help Keep Them Safe.

Growing Up with a Brother with Special Needs

amanda and joe marrone

The important life lessons I learned from my brother—and why I wouldn’t change a thing.

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