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Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party in New York City

Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party in New York City

For New York parents, planning a birthday party can be stressful. Trying to figure out a location, theme, food, and goodie bags can make even the most organized parent's head spin. Wouldn't it be nice to take the stress out of planning by getting it all done in one place? 

NY Kids Club is that Place! 

NY Kids Club is home to a variety of themed, upscale birthday party options for children ages 1-12 years old. You even receive a personal Party Coordinator who works directly with you to ensure your party experience is magical, memorable, and stress-free from the first day of planning through the cutting of the cake.

“NY Kids Club birthday parties are legendary,” shares NY Kids Club Founder Pam Wolf. “Our theatrical birthday leaders entertain and engage children and parents alike, attending to every single detail. The children are completely captivated, and as host parents, we ensure you feel like a guest at your own party."

Start with the Theme

For younger children, a classic, candles-and-cake birthday may do the trick, but older kids usually have an opinion or two about how they want their party to go down. Make sure you let them in on the planning action. At NY Kids Club, parents and kids can choose from a number of party themes, including: My First Birthday, It’s All About Two, Classic Gym, Sports, Princess and Olympic Gymnastics.

  • My First Birthday – The NY Kids Club understands that first birthday parties are just as much for the grown-ups as they are for the birthday child. Guests are invited to participate along with the children in creating a handprint banner as they arrive. The party includes gym-time, a musical circle time with sing-a-long favorites and instruments, parachute play and bubble time complete with a disco dance party!
  • It’s All About Two – The party opens with the creation of a storybook in honor of the birthday boy or girl. Guests then enjoy exclusive use of the club’s pristine gym space (complete with trampoline, balance beam, bars and obstacle course). The party culminates with parachute time, bubbles and a disco dance party.
  • Classic Gym – This is the perfect party for your active, adventurous birthday child! Guests participate in a fun obstacle course, trampoline time, balance beam, bars and more, backed by great music and singing-and-dancing coaches.
  • Sports – If your birthday child loves all things sports, this is the party theme for you! From soccer, basketball and baseball to relay races and Disco Dodgeball, the NY Kids Club Sports Party delights at every turn! There is even a rock climbing option at various locations.
  • Princess – Your little princess will cheer the pairing of costumes, dancing and storytelling with thematic activities in our “gym castle”.
  • Superhero – It’s the birthday child’s chance to save the day at this theatrical and interactive party featuring costumes, obstacle courses, and super hero challenges.
  • Olympic Gymnastics – Children burst through a team banner at the start of this Olympic birthday bash. Coaches will guide kids through Olympic Sport rotations and the party will culminate in a medal worthy dance party! 

Whom to Invite?

Narrowing down the guest list can also be a challenge. Make sure certain VIPs are available before setting the date. It just won’t be a party if your son or daughter’s BFF can’t make it! At the NY Kids Club, customization options include full buffets and beverage service for parents of your children’s guests—so invite the whole family!

Also, make sure you send out the invitations at least four weeks in advance. New York children are busy!

What's Included?

A NY Kids Club celebration includes exclusive use of one of the club’s 15 locations, personalized paperless invitations, exciting thematic activities, at least three birthday party coaches and a dedicated Party Coordinator. Host families have the option of customizing the package to include everything from pizza, cake, balloons and party favors to take home art projects and catering for adult guests.

Ready to Party?

Visit, call 347-706-4700, or stop by the front desk and your location’s Party Coordinator will take care of every detail. 

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