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New York Locations Made famous by Superheroes

New York Locations Made famous by Superheroes

When it comes to Superheroes, NYC often serves as the backdrop for their homes, birthplaces, or spots for notable comic strip and movie script landmarks. If you and the kids want to feel like you’re part of the action and adventure, take a peek at this Super Hero locations list and see if you can pay a visit to one or more the next time you’re nearby!

Grand Central Terminal
42nd St. between Lexington and Park Avenue, Manhattan

Grand Central terminal has served as the backdrop for a number of superhero films including X Men with Halle Berry where there is a fight scene in the Great Hall, The Avengers, where the full cast participates in the films grand battle scene, and the first Superman movie where Lex Luthor tricks a villain into falling into a trap under the train lines. Your trip won’t be quite as dangerous! Check out the many shops and tasty food spots in the terminal concourse. See the thousands of travelers who go in and out of the terminal each day. The grand façade is breathtaking.

Overlook Bar
255 E. 44th St., Manhattan

Years ago, there was a conference held by The National Cartoonist’s Society and NY Daily News’ cartoonist, Bill Gallo was pals with the owner of the Overlook Bar. Cartoonists were invited to paint murals on the walls of the bar – the same ones who created characters including Spider Man, Beetle Bailey, Captain Caveman, and more! Come by the bar (kids can come too, because food is also served) and see the grand murals created in the late ‘70s by these artists. The food is classic American style and there’s even an open-air rooftop deck!

Roosevelt Island Tramway
60th Street and 1st Avenue

The tram is featured in Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the most treacherous way! This was the spot where the evil Green Goblin held people hostage and tossed Dunst’s character, Mary Jane into the waters below. Of course, you and the family can have a far better experience on the tram which commutes passengers above the East River connecting Roosevelt Island to Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The kids will love the unique transport method and looking down on the magical city and water below.

Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace and Fountain
72nd Street at the center of the park

If you’ve seen The Avengers then you may have noticed the scene when NYC’s breathtaking Central Park was part of the action. Thor and Loki leave with the Tesseract and make their return to Asgard in a scene filmed atop the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. This area was seen in Spider Man 3, as well, near the Bow Bridge. The big break up between Peter Parker and Mary Jane took place at this location. You and the family will love Central Park not only for these attractions, but for the many ball fields, foliage, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more. Make a day of it!

Chrysler Building
42nd Street and Lexington Avenue

The Chrysler Building is featured in The Avengers when Thor uses the Spire to help bring down a huge lightning bolt! Although your visit may not be as theatrical, the kids will be in awe of the iconic building on the East Side of Manhattan. The Art Deco-style skyscraper building is one of the tallest in the world! The lobby boasts gorgeous murals and contains the world’s first digital clock. It’s an iconic NYC attraction that should not be missed.

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Tudor City
First Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets

Remember Spiderman 1, 2, and 3 where the Osborn’s apartments were featured? While the actual filming between actors Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were filmed in Los Angeles, the outside façade of the building was used for the NYC East Side vibe near Kips Bay. Take some pics in front of the buildings to feel like you are part of the action!

Hell’s Kitchen
39th Street and Ninth Avenue to 50th Street and Tenth Avenue

Hell’s Kitchen plays a big part of the Daredevil film. While a couple of decades ago, this section was known for grit and crime, today it’s filled with fun shops and restaurants the whole family can enjoy. Heck, you may even see the Daredevil, Ben Affleck, himself roaming the city streets!

United Nations
42nd Street to 48th Street and First Avenue

Marvel Comics makes the UN part of the story line time and time again. In Batman, the characters including The Joker and Penguin plan a plot to kidnap there. Plus, in Superman IV, a fight with Lex Luthor takes place at the UN where Superman bids to get rid of nuclear weapons. Tours of the United Nations Building are available Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

NY Daily News Building
220 E. 42nd St. 

Think back to when Christopher Reeves was Superman/Clark Kent. The NY Daily News Building was the site for the movie’s Daily Planet newspaper, where Clark Kent worked along with Lois Lane. The lobby of this skyscraper building has a huge world globe which is a sight to see. Take your kids (and their alter-egos) to see this landmark in the Turtle Bay area of Midtown.

MetLife Building
200 Park Ave. 

This 58-story skyscraper is located above Grand Central Terminal in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. When it was called the “Pan Am” Building, it was featured in The Avengers as the “Stark Tower.” While you won’t see Tony Stark during your visit, you and the family can check out its retail shops, restaurants, and notable masonry, and raised quartz crystal façade. There is direct access to the terminal for easy access to the building.

Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine St. 

If you’re in town and hungry for a slice, check out Joe’s Pizza, a neighborhood gem since 1975. The restaurant was featured in Spider Man 2 as the 29 minute pizza delivery joint. Hey, even Spider Man longs for NYC pizza every so often! 

The Frick Collection
1 E. 70th St.

Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee used the impressive façade of the Frick Museum to inspire his imagination for The Avengers mansion in the Marvel universe. Stop by and see the Old Master paintings and European sculptures. There’s also a library on site as well as lectures, music, and educational programs throughout the year.

Times Square
Broadway and Seventh Ave. between 42nd and 47th Streets

Times Square is full of excitement, so it’s no wonder it has been featured in super hero films. One example is when in Superman 2, Superman has an epic battle with Zod in Times Square. There was also a fight between Superman and Electro in this spot as well. In the first Spider Man film, Spider Man and The Green Goblin go at it in this heart of NYC too. Your visit will be battle-free of course! Check out the giant billboards, the amazing lights, fun restaurants and shops, and even a Broadway show. The fun never ends in this section of the city!

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Flatiron Building
23rd Street and Broadway/Fifth Avenue

Do you recall the Spider Man movie where Peter Parker works at the Daily Bugle as a photographer? The building that’s used is the interestingly designed Flatiron Building. The grand scope and shape of this building makes it a sight not to be missed on a tour of NYC. It is 22 stories tall, with steel framing. There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby to stop in after admiring the landmark.

Delancy & Essex Streets

Head over to Delancy and Essex Streets to check out the area in the Fantastic Four that The Thing calls “Yancy Street.” This Lower East Side location is given a shout out in the film thanks to the humor and terminology inspired by the area. While in the neighborhood, check out some local attractions such as delis and cafes, bookstores, restaurants, trendy hotels, and more.

New York Stock Exchange
Broad Street and Wall Street

While you’ll need a permit to go inside, head over to see the grand building that houses one of the world’s leading financial markets. NYSE was featured in The Dark Night Rises when Bane storms the building in a heated action scene. It is also in the film where Batman and Bane have their ultimate battle with the police.

Dumbo Power Plant
John Street and Pearl Street

While heading to a power plant isn’t a common family outing destination, it can be if you want to check out the place where the final battle between Electro and Spider Man went down in The Amazing Spider Man 2. The plant’s been closed for a few years, but it is still a dramatic element to the film that can be seen from the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Brooklyn Bridge/Manhattan Bridge

If you’ve seen The Amazing Spider Man 2, you’ll recall this bridge as the place where Mary Jane and Peter Parker profess their love. Additionally, the bridge was featured in The Dark Knight Rises to prevent people from exiting Gotham. 

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