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NYMetroParents Wins 17 Awards at 2015 Parenting Media Association Banquet

NYMetroParents Wins 17 Awards at 2015 Parenting Media Association Banquet

NYMetroParents was recognized by the Parenting Media Association with 17 excellence awards at its 2015 Editorial and Design Awards Competition banquet in Baltimore. This is a record-high number of PMA Awards for NYMetroParents.


Parenting Media Association logoOn Feb. 28, Parenting Media Association presented NYMetroParents, a division of Davler Media Group and the largest publisher of regional parenting publications on the East Coast, with 17 excellence awards at its 2014 Editorial and Design Awards Competition banquet, held in Baltimore.

The total is a record-high number of awards for NYMetroParents, which has set a new personal best each year for the past five years, winning eight PMA awards in 2010, 10 in 2011, 11 in 2012, 15 in 2013, and 16 last year.

NYMetroParents includes monthly titles Big Apple ParentBrooklyn ParentFairfield ParentLong Island Parent – Nassau editionLong Island Parent – Suffolk editionQueens ParentRockland ParentSuffolk Parent, and Westchester Parent.

Parenting Media Association is a national trade association of regional parenting publications. PMA's annual Editorial and Design Awards Competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography, and design achieved by publishers, editors, writers, and designers at parenting newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

PMA gave out 301 Editorial and Design Competition and General Excellence awards to parenting newspapers and magazines at the banquet on Feb. 28, the climax of the three-day PMA Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD. There were 630 entries for this year’s competition. Professor Daryl Moen of the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism coordinated the annual contest. A panel of judges reviewed entries from many publications to choose the winners in each category. All judges drew upon significant professional experience in selecting the winners.

"Many of the larger writing categories were the most competitive” Prof. Moen said. "The best across the board were as good, or better, than most years," he added. "The digital categories, as a group, continue to grow as more publications do more on their websites and with digital newsletters."

“The purpose of the PMA awards competition is to encourage a high level of journalistic performance and service to communities by recognizing editorial excellence and outstanding visual presentation in parenting publications,” said PMA executive director C. James Dowden.

NYMetroParents was proud to receive four Gold Awards. In the Editorial category, editorial director Dawn Roode took a Gold for Brooklyn Parent editor's note; contributing writer Jerry Mahoney of Westchester received a Gold for a personal essay; and a Gold was given to the two-part series 'Parents' Guide to Math and Science,' completed in partneship with In the Ancillary category, editor at large Christina Vercelletto took a Gold Award for a feature in NYSpecialParent.

As in many years past, NYMetroParents was recognized for its superb calendar section, which features a comprehensive selection of low-cost, family-friendly events in the New York City area. This year, Fairfield Parent (edited by Karen Demeter) took a Silver Award and Westchester Parent (edited by Ellen Pocost) received a Bronze Award in Editorial, and Big Apple Parent (designed by Mayra Aguilar and Tony Diaz) received a Silver Award in Design.

Below is the full list of NYMetroParents' 2015 Awards, including comments from judges about why honors were given:

NYMetroParents August cover

2015 Editorial Awards for NYMetroParents

SILVER: Calendar of Events 

Fairfield Parent
"This calendar obviously is a priority for the publication, providing a wide selection of curated content including long-running activities as well as one-time events. It’s easy to tell if the event is free or low cost. Photos and illustrations make it engaging, as well."

BRONZE: Calendar of Events
Westchester Parent
"Besides the usual attention to detail, this calendar allows parents a 'sneak peek' to the month ahead, for planning purposes. Overall, this calendar exemplifies a wide variety of daily and permanent ideas for an active family."

See our online calendar of events for the NYC area

GOLD: Column: Publisher’s/Editor’s Note
Brooklyn Parent
"Dawn Roode manages to tell her own parenting stories in a way that touches others and includes them. These are personal yet humble without an overload of 'I' statements. Her columns explore refreshing topics and then gently transition to specific articles within the issue."

SILVERBriefs/Short Stuff: New Places, New Programs 
Fairfield Parent  
"This department presents readers with the latest from area businesses and programs. With every single blurb, the writers contacted sources and provided insightful quotes. Overall, there’s a depth to the information provided; these offerings go far beyond standard press-release fare."

Find New Places, New Programs here

BRONZE: Briefs/Short Stuff: Quotables
"The editor of this page must cull through hundreds of websites and spend hours on social media to pluck these selections for the readers. Great variety in content, fun tone and humor throughout and a wonderful way to connect with area parents and get them in the publication in an unusual way."

"The creators of NYMP Q&A do a great job of finding experts and engaging them in meaningful conversations. Whether a parent is perplexed by social media or how to talk to children about money, the Q&A column offers readable insight."

SILVER: Column: Outings
"A feature on family-friend outings within a day’s drive is a fantastic feature. The selections, information and tips offered make this feature something readers will want to clip and save for future trips."

Find great places to go with your family here

BRONZE: Personal Essay
“The Garden Party” by Marcelle Soviero
"This essay has the emotional edge and descriptive power of a novel. A mother arranges a birthday party for her daughter, the first after a divorce. The sweet recollection of the party illustrates the difference between memories — hers, sad and painful; her daughter’s, happy and hopeful."

GOLD: Personal EssayJerry Mahoney and daughter Sutton
“Exceptional, Defined” b
y Jerry Mahoney
"The anxieties and uncertainties of parenthood are magnified when a gay dad is raising a young daughter. In a whimsical piece, this writer confronts and processes the various dimensions of being a father in a new kind of environment. Beneath the playfulness lies fierce self-doubt, which he measures against his little girl’s complete acceptance. This is a successful meeting of candor and humility."

SILVER: Interview
NYMP Q&A: “The Parenthood Paradox” by Lucy Bayly
"This sophisticated Q&A with author and parent Jennifer Senior tells us it’s OK to acknowledge that being a parent isn’t always a barrel of laughs. Provocative questions allow Senior to help us understand the difference between fun and joy in our lives."

BRONZE: News Feature
Education Feature: “The Personal Touch” b
y Melanie Baker
"Amid the national debate over Common Core Standards, this article shines a light on schools that recognize education must be tailored to individual students and offers tips for parents on how to ensure their children get appropriate instruction."

GOLD: Special Series kids doing science experiment
Two-Part Series: “Parents’ Guide to Math and Science” by Clara Hemphill, Lydia Raschka
"This series provides both information and encouragement. These subjects can be intimidating to parents as well as to children. Here are helpful hints that suggest both how and why they can be and should be mastered. Complex content is conveyed clearly but not simplistically."
Part 1: A Parents' Guide to Quality Math and Science Education
Part 2: The Right Questions to Ask About Your Child's Education

BRONZE: Special Section within a Publication
Long Island/Nassau Parent: “A Year’s Worth of Fun”
"What family wouldn’t look forward to this spirited, delightful collection of activities and events to take them forward for an entire year? There is bound to be something for everyone, and the sheer number of details included is truly stunning. "

Check out this award-winning season-by-season guide to having fun in the New York metro area

2015 Design Awards for NYMetroParents

BRONZE: Table of Contents
Big Apple Parent

SILVER: Calendar of Events
Big Apple Parent


2015 Ancillary Awards for NYMetroParents

GOLDAncillary Feature WritingNYSpecial Parent
“Destination Inspiration” by Christina Vercelletto
"'Destination Inspiration' is a well-written and engaging story on a specialized topic that no doubt found an interested audience with NY Special Parent. The story is packed with details about different destinations for parents of children with special needs, and it provides truly useful information that is unique and targeted. The story is clear and actionable, and is written in a way that makes for an enjoyable read as well—all the aspects of a successfully crafted feature story. The sidebar about wheelchair travel tips nicely complements the piece."

SILVER: Ancillary Overall Writing
NYMetro SpecialParent Spring/Summer 2014
"Original reporting, thoughtful columns and unique features combine to make this an outstanding product. The writers tackle complex subjects and add a human flair with stirring profiles of local 'heroes' who refused to let their disabilities get in the way of their dreams."


About NYMetroParents

Following the success of the first NYC parenting resource book, "Big Apple Baby," Big Apple Parent was launched in 1985; NYMetroParents is now the largest publisher of local parenting media in the United States. Filling the need parents had for hyper-local content, NYMetroParents created seven additional monthly magazines: Brooklyn Parent premiered in 1994; Queens Parent in 1995; Westchester Parent in 2000; Rockland Parent in 2007; Fairfield Parent in 2008; and Long Island Parent (both Nassau and Suffolk editions) in 2009. Today the total monthly circulation for all eight magazines totals more than 370,000.

After several years as the New York City affiliate for Disney's, NYMetroParents launched its own parenting web resource in early 1999. allows users to search for family-related businesses and services in each of our regions, and to locate any story from the archives.

For more information about NYMetroParents and its award-winning publications, visit, or


About Parenting Media Association

Established in March 1988, PMA is a national trade association of regional parenting publications that reaches from Seattle to Boston and from Minneapolis to Miami, and to Canada and Australia. Some of the publications are tabloid newspapers; others are magazines, with 4-color, glossy covers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, PMA is a nonprofit national organization representing more than 120 parenting magazines and newspapers in the United States, Canada, and Australia. For more information about PMA, visit


David Miller, CEO, Davler Media | 646.736.3618 |

Dawn M. Roode, Editorial Director, NYMetroParents | 


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