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Palisades Climb Adventure Adds Climbing Structures to Practice Balance and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Palisades Climb Adventure Adds Climbing Structures to Practice Balance and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

These additions to the Palisades Mall will have you and your family facing your fears and practicing your balance.

Palisades Climb Adventure in West Nyack is on track to open two new climbing features to the public by President's Day. The family-friendly venue in Rockland County will be adding two "walk the plank" balance tests. One of the structures will be 90-feet in the air, adding new thrills to traditional balance exercises. The plank is about the width of the average male's foot, according to Kevin Clark, general manager of Palisades Climb Adventure, and will dip a little as you step on it to give the illusion of falling.

The other "walk the plank" structure features a disc that one has to reach out from the edge to spin. This adds extra incentive to step out of your comfort zone and go the extra distance to reach for the disc. This obstacle is approximately 80-feet above ground.

Palisades Climb Adventure is also introducing a hula walk obstacle in which participants can step from one platform to another in ways that may be new or novel ways that may include shimmying and twist, according to Clark. There are eight more upgrades scheduled over the next few months, six of which are going to be brand new additions.

"As opposed to walking one foot in front of the other, now you will have to think about where you step and shimmy between obstacles," says Clark. "Things have been tweaked to challenge visitors."

Palisades Climb Adventure is located inside the Palisades Mall at 4590 Palisades Center Drive, West Nyack. For more information, call 845-727-3500 or visit the Palisades Climb website.

Main Image: This walk the plank structure is approximately 80 feet above ground and requires you to reach out over the edge of your platform to spin a disc.

Courtesy Palisades Climb Adventure

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