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Parent and Child NYC to Add Classes for Children 5 and Younger

Parent and Child NYC to Add Classes for Children 5 and Younger

Parent and Child NYC is adding new classes for children ages 5 and younger, slated to begin in January 2020. Classes are based on free play, but also offer carefully selected activities that aim to help children develop motor, language, and social skills. The program, located at the Sixth Street Community Center in East Village, helps caregivers be the best they can be, in a nurturing and loving environment, according to co-founder Rocio Garcia.

Activities include wood working, art projects, organic bread making, outdoor play, and opportunities for caregivers to learn more about child development and parenting skills. The program follows a class structure where children play freely while caregivers engage in practical activities. Parents and children then transition to circle time, learning songs and games to practice their language skills. The program closes the class with a puppet show or story and a goodbye song for children and caregivers. All classes encourage creativity and imagination for children.

"The [younger children] look up to the older children and learn from them, while the older children feel important helping out and develop confidence and empathy," says Garcia.

Garcia says she was prompted to create the program due to her and her co-founder Timothy Birchby's shared passion for education and child development.

Parent and Child NYC aims to empower parents with the best strategies on their journey as parents. It's a place where families can make connections while growing with a community of parents, according to Garcia.

For more information about the new programs at Parent and Child NYC or to register, visit the Parent and Child NYC website.



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