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Parenting Resolutions for 2018 and Other Quotables

Parenting Resolutions for 2018 and Other Quotables

Your parenting resolutions and other quotes from our favorite blogs and sites

We asked and you answered: Parents from Rockland and Westchester counties, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island share their parenting resolution for 2018. We also feature quotes from some of our go-to blogs and sites, including why you should consider choosing your partner first and the bittersweet reality of a child getting braces. Plus, one of our favorite Instagram posts—we love a great NYC skyline pic!

What is your parenting resolution for 2018?

“We are resolving to not put off our adventures for another day!”

—Anna Novak, Warwick, of

"My resolution is to give my 12-year-old daughter a little more independence as she matures into a young lady. I also want to teach both her and my 9-year-old son more life skills, like how to make basic meals for themselves for the days I don’t feel like cooking. Which are most days."

—Kimberly Thomas, Valley Stream, creator of the blog

“My main resolution is that I want to be more of a YES parent. I don’t want to let my boys do whatever the heck they want, but I do want to actually consider their requests before I give them the answer that’s most convenient for me. I want them to have the kind of fun that they want, but that can’t happen unless I encourage and allow it.”

—Rhianon Hoffman, the Bay Ridge mom behind

“I am going to try to limit time in front of my phone or computer while my kids are in the same room. As a work-from-home-mom, this will be extremely difficult, however I currently find myself demonstrating screen habits that I do not want to pass along to them! And I want to make sure they know that THEY are my number one priority.”

—Rebecca Dixon, Manhattan, managing director of

“My resolution is to spend more time playing games with my kids. By games, I mean board games, and as a family. In recent years we’ve become so digital, and my kids, who are 7 and 11, need time to ‘play’ together and with my husband and me. Our goal is to disconnect from devices and have good old-fashioned game nights where we play Monopoly or Trouble with our kids.”

—Erin Baker, Eastchester, co-founder of

Realsitic Parenting Resolutions 

“Being a good parent doesn’t require you to do everything perfectly. Like your child, you are a work in progress. Give yourself credit for the good, and forgive yourself for your parenting imperfections. Seek help and support when you need it—and make smaller, more manageable resolutions.”

—Long Island-based psychologist Susan Bartell, Psy.D., in an NYMP article entitled “Resolutions Revisited

Putting Your Partner First 

“Out of all the people in my life, I get to choose one person to spend my life with. I get to choose one person to love. I get to choose one person to be my partner in everything. ...I have to remember not to take him for granted. I have to remember to show him the love that I have for him. I have to remember that he was here before the kids.”

—Lili Rasprasith, in a post entitled “I Put My Husband Before My Kids, And This Is Why” on

Growing Pains 

“Leta skipped out as she was overcome by the excitement of it all, by the idea of reaching this milestone in her life. She asked me how badly it was going to hurt over the next few days, and because she was still so excited I lied and told her that she’s only going to feel a little pain when the truth is SHE WILL WANT TO CLAW HER OWN FACE OFF.”

—Heather Armstrong, in a post entitled “My kid got braces and all I got was a broken heart” on her blog

Wanderlust at an Early Age

globetrottingmommy girl jumping nyc skyline

in an instagram

So many photos from our Statue of Liberty trip last week, but one of my faves is the view of downtown NYC from Lady Liberty’s pedestal. #statueofliberty #familytravel #travelwithkids #nycviews #nyc #nycskyline #takeyourkidseverywhere #nyckids #thisis8 #nycwithkids #ladyliberty #oneworldtrade

(Posted by @globetrottingmommy, aka Lyla Gleason, who blogs at


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