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How Parents Are Teaching Kindness and Other Quotables

How Parents Are Teaching Kindness and Other Quotables

Teaching kindness and other parenting quotes from around the web

As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of her show, "Be kind to one another." But how can we ensure our kids learn this mantra and exhibit it on a daily basis? Local parents share how they're teaching their kids kindness. We also feature quotes from our go-to blogs and sites, including why you don't have to cherish every moment with your baby and how to get your child with autism to try new things. Plus, a Queens mom shares a heartwarming Instagram pic about kids growing up and being good siblings.

What are some ways you’ve taught your kids kindness?

“Leading by example is always the best way to teach kids anything. My husband and I do little things, like say, ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ but we also show kindness and empathy to our children and to each other, which our kids see and emulate.”

–Carol Bermudez, New City

“When my daughter was 4 and in an especially not-so-nice mood my partner and I explained The Golden Rule, which is essentially, ‘treat people how you want them to treat you.’ Now when she says something mean or refuses to share a toy with her brother, we just say, ‘Stay gold, Roxie,’ and usually that does the trick.” 

–Aisha R., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 

“It’s so hard for kids to think beyond themselves, especially when they are so young, but it is also so important. We teach our son kindness in the larger sense. We encourage him not only to be kind to his friends, but to himself, to the earth, to animals. Giving him a broad perspective early on will teach him to be a conscious citizen in this big world...we hope.”

–Jeffrey Klimpton, Manhattan

“My kids’ school teaches a ‘Kind and Gentle’ philosophy that they carry over into all activities. The other day, I got what seemed to be my 100th call from a telemarketer and after some pretty foul language on my part, my daughter reminded my that I was not being K and G (kind and gentle). She’s the one who’s teaching me!” 

–Paula Terrozzo, Long Island City, Queens

We're All in This Together

"Whatever ‘it’ is that you feel like you might be the only mom doing or not doing or feeling or not feeling, you’ve probably got company somewhere. Find another mom at library lap time or in the church nursery or at the pediatrician’s and lay ‘it’ on the line—wait for the blessing of hearing that mom say ‘me, too.’"

–Elizabeth Spencer in a post entitled “New Mama, You Don’t Have to ‘Cherish Every Moment’,” on

Go For It!

“It’s always great to see your children trying new things, watching their adventurous side coming to light. It’s especially gratifying when I see my son—who’s been diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder—take a leap even when he is scared. I have done plenty of things while afraid and after I complete them I feel so freakin’ good. That’s exactly what he’s been doing lately, only it is much harder for him than for me, or for most of us. He’s been trying new things and just going for it, even when he’s scared."

Eileen Carter-Campos in an article entitled “Helping a Child With Autism Try New Things"

Promotion  Big Bro

boy sitting on bench

in an instagram

“I love this little guy so much! He’s going to be new to this big brother business but I know he’s going to have the baby laughing all the time with all of his jokes.”

(Posted by @rattlesandheels aka Queens mom Adanna Dill)


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