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Pediatric Dentist Office in Westport to Open New Location

Pediatric Dentist Office in Westport to Open New Location

Pediatric Dentistry @ Westport Dental Associates is now providing more pediatric specialty treatment at their new location on Riverside Avenue in Westport.

Hannah Ahn D.D.S. said that Pediatric Dentistry @ Westport Dental Associates is and has been part of a family practice, but the new facility is going to emphasize the pediatric aspect.  

At the new office, a separate waiting room will be completely devoted to children and all of the equipment will be brand new and state-of-the-art.

“Going to the dentist can often be a scary experience, but the dental visit should not be something that children fear,” said Dr. Ahn. “I feel strongly that if we work together as a team with parents and caretakers, it will lead to creating a dental home where children can develop a lifetime of good dental habits."  

Dr. Ahn said that her goal is to help families get an early start in providing dental care for their children. She strongly encourages parents to bring their kids in by the age of one, in order to educate them on oral health and prevention of cavities.

“I really value educating the parents. It’s not about just coming and getting your teeth cleaned but really understanding what’s happening with your child’s mouth and as they grow and they develop it’s important to know the changes that are occurring as well,” Dr. Ahn said.

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