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Phoenix Aquatic Club Relocates Summer Swim Lessons to Indoor Heated Pool

Phoenix Aquatic Club Relocates Summer Swim Lessons to Indoor Heated Pool

As of this May, the Phoenix Aquatic Club is hosting it’s Learn to Swim summer lessons at it’s new location in the HNA Palisades Conference Center. The facilities include an indoor heated pool, which provides a suitable environment for younger swimmers.   

“When they’re getting in and out of the water, the kids tend to get cold.” says Alice Wagner, director of Learn to Swim. “The indoor facilities keep the air warm and the water warm.”

Phoenix Aquatic Club is an accredited USA Swimming organization that offers numerous training groups for swimmers of a wide range of ages and capabilities. Learn to Swim will be held in three month-long sessions from May to July.

Lessons will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Children ages four and older are welcome to register and parents may enroll their kids in one of four levels according to their prior swimming experience. Instructors will assess swimmers on the first day and move them to a more appropriate level if need be.

Little to no experience is required in levels two and three. Students learn water safety and basic swimming skills, such as correct breathing, head and body positions, and floating. Swimmers at level four work to build endurance in the water and kids should be able to swim 25 yards across the pool with little difficulty. Pre-team level lessons hone in on learning and practicing the various swim strokes using proper form and technique.

“We want to make sure that the kids don’t miss a thing and that they are set, that they strengthen their skills before they start a competitive program,” says Michael Gavrilchin, the age group head coach, senior prep.

Phoenix Aquatic Club will also offer special summer rates. Non-competitive students at levels two and three may opt to attend lessons on Saturdays or Sundays for only $110 a session, or they may attend on both days for $200 a session. Level four and pre-team students are encouraged to attend lessons on both days at a rate of $225 per session.

For more information about the Phoenix Aquatic Club’s Learn to Swim program, call 412-266-4530 or 845-708-5349 or visit

Image: The HNA Palisades Conference Center is located at 334 RTE 9W.

Courtesy: Phoenix Aquatic Club