Picasso Kidz Sells Creative Toys and Art Supplies in Greenlawn

Picasso Kidz Sells Creative Toys and Art Supplies in Greenlawn


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Picasso Kidz, a children’s art studio in Greenlawn, is now selling ZoLO and Fat Brain Toys as well as art supplies.

Picasso Kidz
is an art studio for children ages 2-17 offering classes, camps, and workshops. The Greenlawn-based business is now selling creative toy brands, such as Fat Brain Toys and ZoLO, to inspire children to learn and have fun at the same time.

Fat Brain Toys are made to be hands-on and educationally stimulating playthings that help children develop design and visual-spatial skills. Picasso Kidz sells fan favorite Tobbly Wobbly, a customizable friend with suction cup add-ons that encourages children to create using their imaginations. 

“It’s like a wacky Mr. Potato Head,” says Michelle Daddino, owner of Picasso Kidz. “I love the open-endedness of it because it really encourages kids to get creative.”

Another Fat Brain Toy that Picasso Kidz carries is Joinks, a collection of wooden dowels and multi-colored silicone connectors made for building forms and shapes. This particular toy helps kids embrace their innovative minds as they can bend and utilize the Joinks connectors to create unique shapes and structures.

Picasso Kidz also sells ZoLO toys, which are quirky and colorful and made for open-ended play. Families can purchase one of the many ZoLO toys from Picasso Kidz, including Pre ZoLO, Pop ZolO, and ZoLO Creativity Sets. Kids can pop together any of the pieces in Pop ZoLO to create unique mini creatures to clip on their backpacks or suction cup onto surfaces. In addition, different ZoLO Creativity Sets encourage kids to test their creative minds with inspiring activities and optional building challenges.  

Aside from out-of-the-box toys, Picasso Kidz sells a diverse selection of art supplies, such as sketch books, coloring books, markers, paintbrushes, and more, so little ones and parents can continue creative playtime at home.

“I think art is innate in most people. I believe it is a very important human function. The little ones are expanding and art is very beneficial to all aspects of child development,” Daddino says.

Art classes at Picasso Kidz are separated by ages and allow children to focus on different art materials, concepts, and elements. Classes are offered in weekly sessions or drop-off sessions. There are also mommy-and-me style classes (that welcome fathers and other caregivers as well), which allow children ages 2-3 to explore various art materials. Extraordinary Picasso’s classes are also offered, designed to meet the needs of children with special needs at various ages.

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Main image: “Art is very beneficial to all aspects of child development,” says Michelle Daddino, owner of Picasso Kidz.
Courtesy Picasso Kidz


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