Pier 26 to Receive a Kid-Friendly Makeover

Pier 26 to Receive a Kid-Friendly Makeover

Including new areas for fun and learning!

One of the best things about Manhattan is that it's surrounded by water, which makes summer time in the city all that more enjoyable. Hudson River Park is a great place to take the kids for a bit of nature in this concrete jungle and it was recently reported that construction will begin later this year on Tribeca's Pier 26 in an effort to make the park more eco and kid-friendly. The area will be transformed in a multi-purpose park with lots of new places for New York City kids to play and learn.

While construction will not be completed until the fall of 2020, new renderings released by the Hudson River Park Trust reveal a, "wetland tidal pool area that will be used for educational purposes. Once complete, this area will be open for students to visit (during low tide) and learn about climate change, the habitat, and salinity, among other things," Curbed reports.

The new park will have many offerings for kids including two soccer fields, a large lawn, and a playground that will not only offer up tons of fun, but educational experiences as well as it aims to bring awareness to certain endangered species. Additionally, an educational center is being planned and many families and school trips will be able to learn about the park's indigenous trees and marine life.

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While this park is sure to provide tons of fun and amazing views to families and visitors, there is a strong emphasis on the educational aspect it will provide, too. “This is the first pier dedicated to the ecology of the area, and it will also be a place where the community can partake in a variety of activities,” Madelyn Wils, the president and CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust, told reporters. “This would be the first time that this type of ecological area has been built in the city, and it will serve as a great educational tool.”

Sustainable wood will be used throughout the pier to create the deck that will rise up to 15 feet in some places.

Main image via Olin Studios


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