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PJ Library Now Providing One Free Book Per Jewish Child in the New York City Area

PJ Library Now Providing One Free Book Per Jewish Child in the New York City Area

The non-profit program aims to enrich the lives of Jewish children in the New York City area.

Since May, PJ Library, a free program for families raising Jewish kids ages 6 months to 12 years old, has expanded its reach to now offer free Jewish books to families in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester–and will provide one book per child, rather than one book per family. PJ has partnered with more local funders to provide 40,000 kids in our area with monthly books. To become a part of PJ Library all you have to do is sign up online and the books will come to your home each month!

Rabbi Melanie Levav, the director of PJ Library New York, says that families’ responses to the program have been positive. PJ decided to offer one book per child, she says, in order to ensure children of all different ages have access to Jewish books that are appropriate for their reading levels and interests.

“In a recent survey of PJ Library families in New York, 91% said that PJ Library supported them in building upon or adding a Jewish tradition to their home life,” she says.

PJ Library meets families in their own homes to deepen and enrich kids’ Jewish lives through low-barrier, accessible engagement with Jewish traditions and values. In the United States, PJ reaches 210,000 kids each month. Globally, 600,000 kids receive the gift of PJ Library books each month in more than 20 countries and in five languages.

“When parents and children read PJ Library books together, the experience sparks important conversations about what values are most important to us, about what it means to be connected to something larger than ourselves, and spurs engagement with other local families raising Jewish children, creating community to sustain families’ ongoing Jewish journeys,” Levav says.

For more information about PJ Library or to sign up, visit the PJ Library website.

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