On The Blogroll: Sophie & Lili

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Blogging From: Westchester County, NY

Dr. Jen Canter is nothing short of the ultimate mom. She is the mother to two sets of twins (girl twins and boy twins), a pediatrician specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse, the founder of the website Play This Way with Dr. Jen®, and the inventor of the U-Play Mat.® Just reading her list of achievements and responsibilities may make you feel exhausted on her behalf, but she somehow also manages to maintain a comprehensive, informative website that brings together advice from experts in a number of different fields. As she explains, “All of the information you'll find on this website is written by professional women with specific areas of expertise, women who also happen to be mothers.”

Two of the most helpful tabs on her site Sophie & Lili (formerly Play This Way) are “Healthy Family” and “Happy Child.” Both of those tabs break down into further sub-tabs that focus on specific areas within their broad topics, a feature that makes it much easier for you to focus on your particular interests or needs when looking through the website.

Play This Way’s experts feature nutritionist Heather Bauer, ‘yoga goddess’ Elena Brower, work life balance and happiness experts Becky & Hollee, an infertile blonde and adoption advocate Becky Fawcett, healthy chef Allison Fishman, and speech-language pathologist Kerry Griffin. Each expert links to her own page that gives descriptions of both professional and personal backgrounds and links to personal blogs on topics within their domains of expertise. 

The easy-to-use format and wealth of information on a variety of different topics makes Play This Way a fantastic resource for any mother. The information in a typical post ranges anywhere from health advice to great recipes to tips for taking care of yourself as a busy mom, all essential to a mom. The best part: the website provides all of this useful advice and allows you to navigate through it effortlessly. – Melanie Shapiro