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Pley Offers Lego Rental Service and Unique Lego Sets

Pley Offers Lego Rental Service and Unique Lego Sets

Dubbed the "Netflix for Legos," Pley is a subscription service that lets you rent unlimited Legos each month, including several exclusive sets not available outside the service.


Ah, Lego sets. Kids love them and—let’s admit it—so do parents (when we’re not stepping on them). The popular building brick sets are both fun and educational, which means we can feel good about letting our kids loose on them for hours on end. It’s a win-win.

But Legos are expensive. And messy. And, eventually, our kids abandon them. Once a set is built, it’s often completely forgotten—until someone accidentally knocks over that model of the Empire State Building and someone else throws a fit. And, inevitably, someone (you) steps on a rogue piece in bare feet.

So boxes upon boxes of Legos end up piled in the basement, stray bits and pieces turn up inside key trays and toothbrush holders and coffee mugs, and you’re left with a stabbing pain in your foot, wondering if there must be a better way to organize these things.

That’s where Pley comes in. The people at Pley felt your pain (and how could they not? The just-stepped-on-a-Lego scream can probably be heard at least 20 miles away) and figured the best way to reduce Lego pain and clutter was, plain and simple, to get rid of the blocks once you’re done with them.

hippie van legos

The Hippie Dirigible set (475 pieces; for ages 9 and older) is exclusive to Pley.

For $20 a month, Pley lets you rent Lego sets – think Netflix for Legos – and then send them back (with a pre-paid shipping label) when the kids finish with them. Pley offers more than 300 different sets, some of which are exclusive to the service. And, if the kids can’t bear to give up a particular set, it can be purchased from Pley. You can even send sets back with a few missing pieces, which Pley will replace (at no charge), or donate old, mismatched Lego bricks for a $5 credit to your Pley account.

You can create a Pleylist on Pley’s website, which is essentially a lineup of the sets your kids have their eyes on. Once one set is returned, the next will ship out automatically. Shipping is free both ways, and all Lego sets are sanitized between uses.

Pley offers two subscription models: the basic Builder Program for $20 a month and the Master Program, which gives you access to more Lego sets and faster shipping, for $50 a month. Monthly exchanges are unlimited. One free-trial set is available for 30 days, and the account will be automatically rolled over to the Builder Program once the 30 days are up. With every new member, Pley donates a toy to a child in need.

To learn more about Pley—and how to keep playing with Legos while keeping your sanity—visit


Main photo: The Rojo the Cub set (350 pieces; for ages 12 and older) is another Pley exclusive.

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