Polyglot Tot Now Offers Creole Language Flashcards for Kids

Polyglot Tot Now Offers Creole Language Flashcards for Kids

Young children can learn West-African tribal languages at home.

Polyglot Tot, which offers flashcards that teach children West-African tribal languages, recently began offering Creole language flash cards. It will also begin offering cards that teach colors and animals later this month.

In December, Polyglot Tot, which offers flashcards that aim to teach kids West-African tribal languages, began offering Tribal Art Creole Alphabet Flashcards, amongst its original languages Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. The flashcards are made based on the African textiles Mudcloth, Adire, and Korhogo, and are inspired by the varying bohemian arts and African textiles.

Polyglot Tot flashcards are designed for infants to 7-year-olds, although anyone can learn from the cards. Each card is navy blue and features bohemian African textile art and a different letter of the tribal alphabet accompanied by its English translation.

Cards that teach colors and animals will also become available on Feb. 21 (International Mother Language Day). These cards are now available for preorder.

Polyglot Tot founder Sunshine Abou Bakar says she was inspired to design these cards by her experience in the fashion industry, her husband’s West African culture, and the different tribal cloths she has encountered in her travels to Africa. When she began exploring her husband’s West African culture and discovered there weren’t many resources available learn about the languages, she decided to fill the gap with Polyglot Tot.

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“These languages are going extinct in the U.S. even though millions of people still speak them,” Bakar says. “Children learn so much better when they know the language of their forefathers, and I hope these cards make the almost forgotten languages accessible to every child.”

Sunshine’s mission is to bring global learning within arm’s reach of every family and every child, whether they speak various languages at home or are learning a second.

Main image: The flash cards that teach tribal words for colors and animals will be available Feb. 21.
Courtesy Polyglot Tot