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PowerMom Summit 2018 Dates and Lineup Announced

PowerMom Summit 2018 Dates and Lineup Announced

A "meeting of maternal minds!"

The 2018 PowerMom Summit presented by Loacker, recently announced its lineup for its panel of working moms, as well as a date for the second annual event here in New York City. On May 10 from 12-6pm, moms will gather at Gary's Loft for an afternoon of workshops, a panel discussion on balancing motherhood, career, and self, and an awards ceremony that will honor notable working moms.  

This year's PowerMom panel discussion includes:

  • Julia Dennison - Parents Magazine Digital Director
  • Lola Ogunnaike - Entertainment Weekly Host/ CNN Broadcast Correspondent
  • Rachel Blumenthal - Rockets of Awesome CEO & Founder
  • Kate Davis - Fast Company Senior Editor
  • Massy Arias - Fitness and Health Influencer
Moms can also experience the mini marketplace, cocktails, Loacker goodies, swag, mingling, and a special lunch experience.

I got a chance to talk to Crystal Black Davis, Vice President of Marketing for global confections brand Loacker, and founder of the PowerMom Awards + Summit, to ask her a few questions about the PowerMom movement.

Why did you start the PowerMom movement? I saw a void, there wasn't really a platform to celebrate the working mom. There is a big void in our conversation about motherhood, the celebration of the working mom, and not making her feel guilty. I felt there was a need to create some sort of community platform to have working moms come together who have very similar experiences, that can not only network, but also understand that they are not alone. Some of the things they are dealing with other moms are dealing with or have overcome. The idea was to create a forum where moms can have an exchange and share best practices and empower one another.

What can we expect at this year's summit? We still have a panel of very influential moms who come from various industries and represent multiple categories talking about their experience of being a working mom. New this year there will becommunity tables. The summit will begin with these tables that will be workshop-style, where the moms who will be attending will go fromtable to table discussing topics such as health and wellness, respect and family, and authenticity and self. We have very distinguished table captains that will be moderating and leading these workshops that will happen before the panel discussion.

We will also continue our relationship with No Kid Hungry, and will be donating to their cause. Anything we can do to combat childhood hunger, we’re all in.

This year will be more of a free-flowing, organic, relaxed vibe. We really want participation from our guests and for them not just to listen, but to share their stories as well.

What's the one message you hope working moms get out of attending this event? Confidence and perseverance and that they have a sense of community. I want them to know that there are working moms who you are surrounded by who can help empower you because you’re not alone. We all deal with mom guilt and no one wants to have the feeling of being inadequate and to understand and hear that other moms go through this and how they continue to overcome it is empowering. These are things that we all face.

For more information or to register for the event, please visit


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