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Queens Music Academy Opens Woodside Location

Queens Music Academy Opens Woodside Location

Queens Music Academy recently opened its second Queens location in July.

Queens Music Academy opened a location in Woodside in July, which provides a performance space for students as well as classrooms for lessons. The new location also offers kids’ theater and opera classes and houses a grand piano as well as a space that can be used as a recording studio.

The music school, which also has a location in Sunnyside, specializes in teaching children ages 3-5, however students of all ages are accepted. Queens Music Academy offers 1-on-1 and group music classes, as well as a popular rock band class, during which students can make their own music. Some students from the rock band class will even perform under the 7 train a couple times a month. In addition to its music classes, Queens Music Academy also offers enrichment programs in art and engineering, and with Legos. Students typically take classes that can run between 3-7pm after school; weekend classes are also available.  

Since Queens Music Academy starts teaching children music at a young age, instructors typically introduce violin, piano, and cello first and then progress from there. The company encourages students to explore different instruments, have fun, and feel comfortable playing music, says owner Choi Fairbanks.

“I want students to become fluent in music, but also really love the songs they are learning," Fairbanks says. "I do not want it to be about competitions and simply learning to just get better and faster by doing drills. We do not do that here, we just want to bring music into kids' lives so they can carry it throughout their life.”

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Main image: Queens Music Academy offers 1-on-1 as well as group music classes for students.
Courtesy Queens Music Academy


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