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Queens Summer Camps by Services and Programs

Queens Summer Camps by Services and Programs

Find the perfect camp for your child in Queens!

Find summer camps in Queens that offer the programs and services you want. Need a camp that provides transportation, lunch, extended hours, half days, or flexible scheduling? Want a camp that offers STEM, theater, sports, swimming, day trips, academic enrichment, music, special needs, arts and crafts, or dance programs? You'll find the perfect summer camp for your kids in Queens that suits all of your needs.

Queens Summer Camps by Services

Queens Camps that Offer Transportation Services

Queens Camps that Offer Lunch

Queens Camps that Offer Extended Hours

Queens Camps that Offer Flexible Scheduling

Queens Camps that Offer Half-Day Options

Queens Summer Camps by Programs

Queens Camps with STEAM and Robotics Programs

Queens Camps with Theater Programs

Queens Camps with Sports Programs

Queens Camps with Swimming Programs

Queens Camps with Day Trips

Queens Camps with Academic Enrichment Programs

Queens Camps with Music Programs

Queens Camps with Special Needs Programs and Services

Queens Camps with Arts & Crafts Programs

Queens Camps with Dance Programs


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