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Kids Learn Languages Through Music and Crafts

Kids Learn Languages Through Music and Crafts

Children at Rainbow of Languages now have two new ways to learn languages and culture: music and arts and crafts. The foreign language immersion program teaches children Spanish, French, Russian, English, Mandarin, and German.

Foreign languages can be learned in ways other than traditional back-and-forth conversation. Rainbow of Languages, a language immersion program in which kids can learn to speak Spanish, French, Russian, English, German, or Mandarin, introduced music and arts and crafts classes to kids learning foreign languages last month.

The new music class is for kids ages 1-3, and each class will have a theme. Kids will sing songs and dance to music in different languages about that particular theme. In arts and crafts, kids ages 5-8 will explore different cultures by doing art projects focused around a country. For example, if the lesson is about Denmark, the kids might do a project about mermaids in honor of The Little Mermaid statue located in Copenhagen Harbour.

Galina Dubrovina is a linguist and co-founded Rainbow Languages with Irina Markevich. She says she is passionate about teaching languages to kids because they can retain information best. Originally from Russia, Dubrovina has a 7-year-old daughter and wanted her to learn Russian to be able to speak with her grandparents.

“I am a true believer that the earlier [kids] start, that is better for them because they can acquire language skills,” Dubrovina says. “They learn it so fast that they can speak a few foreign languages, which is amazing.”

Dubrovina speaks Russian, French, and a little bit of Spanish, and teaches Russian, French, and English at the language center. Classes are offered every day and registration is open for the music and arts and crafts classes.

Above photo: Kids created leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day in an arts and crafts class.


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