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Dance Studio in Astoria to Add New Classes to Their Fall Curriculum

Dance Studio in Astoria to Add New Classes to Their Fall Curriculum

Starting in September, Reflexion Dance & Fitness will offer a host of new classes including World Hop and Boys Crew in order to meet the needs of local dancers.

World Hop for kids ages 8-12, is a class that will feature pop dance from all over the world and aims to teach children about the different types of dances and cultures that they are surrounded by as NYC residents. The studio has also decided to start a Boys Crew class, for kids ages 8-12, due to a budding boy population. The goal is to encourage boys and instill the belief that dance is not only for girls. 

Additionally, Reflexion Dance & Fitness is looking to start competition teams this year to compensate for the varying skill levels of students. Co-owner Elena Toumaras hopes to “encourage the advanced kids to start competing and showcasing their talents” more regularly than just in the studio’s annual showcase.  

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Toumaras stresses that the classes do not just focus on technique, but rather aim to create “well rounded, confident young people.” As a dance community, the studio participates in various community outreach programs offering support to children in need. “We like fostering good little kids,” said Toumaras. “Make them confident, love each other, and help others.” 

Reflexion Dance & Fitness is located at 26-80 30th Street, Astoria. For more information, please call 347-280-8724 or visit reflexiondance.com

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