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Rego Park Orthodontics Updates Dental Impression Scanner Technology

Rego Park Orthodontics Updates Dental Impression Scanner Technology

The new technology creates mess-free, 3-D dental impressions.

Rego Park Orthodontics recently added new scanning technology to its practice to create mess-free dental impression scans to create more accurate orthodontic appliances. The recently renovated practice serves children and adults.

In November, Rego Park Orthodontics started using an iTero Element scanner, which makes creating dental impressions a much easier process.

“I use iTero in my office for all patients. It allows me to take an immediate impression of the teeth and the bite in 3-D as it scans it,” says Larissa Davids, D.D.S., practice owner. The scan of the patient’s teeth and bite shows on the screen monitor as soon as the screening process begins.

The resulting model scan of the patient's dentition can then be used to create custom orthodontic appliances, whether it is sent to a lab to create an orthodontic retainer or to an Invisalign company for fabrication of clear invisible aligners.

“To sum up iTero’s advantages over a conventional impression, iTero scanner is comfortable (none of the mess associated with taking impressions), fast (you can see the 3-D image on the screen immediately), and accurate in registering both hard and soft tissues,” Dr. Davids says.

Rego Park Orthodontics serves children and adults in its newly renovated office. The practice uses digital radiography, which has 90 percent less radiation exposure to the patient than non-digital X-ray units. It also provides consults and takes numerous insurance plans.

The practice also sees patients on an emergency basis and provides tips for what to do in an orthodontic emergency on its website.

Main image: The iTero Element scanner was recently added to Rego Park Orthodontics.
Courtesy Rego Park Orthodontics


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