RoboMindTech STEM Education Center Opens in Great Neck

RoboMindTech STEM Education Center Opens in Great Neck

RoboMindTech recently opened a location within Great Neck Kids Learning Group.

RoboMindTech teaches STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to children ages 4-16. Founder Dennis Chan opened RoboMindTech’s new STEM lab in Great Neck in September to provide more programs for children to work on fun, hands-on STEM projects such as LEGO robotics, VEX robots, and Robot Olympic Games.

Many of the VEX robots created by RoboMindTech students are remote-controlled to move around or pick up objects. Several students over the years have participated in the World Robot Olympiad, one of the largest robotics competitions in the world.

According to Chan, children who follow science and technology not only help themselves, but others too. “As the world is changing, science and technology are becoming an important part of life,” Chan says. “It is important for kids to learn robotics or science and technology because it can help them get good jobs and create something that can help people's lives. It's practical and about the future.”

RoboMindTech was founded in 2010. Its mission is to provide sustainable STEM learning for children at a variety of ages. From robotics to video game design to coding and creative play, RoboMindTech offers a variety of immersive after-school programs, vacation camps, and school programs, as well as competition team development and field trips for children interested in STEM. RoboMindTech also has a location in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

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Main image: The RoboMindTech New York robotics team participated in the World Robot Olympiad and represented the United States.
Courtesy RoboMindTech