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How to Have Fun & Stay Safe as New York Reopens!

Everything You Need to Know About Safe Summer Fun as New York Reopens

Everything You Need to Know About Safe Summer Fun as New York Reopens

We answered your questions about safely having fun this summer with your family despite coronavirus.

Updated July 1: New York state has been shut down since March 20. That's more than two months of online learning, working from home, virtual graduation ceremonies, and drive-by birthday parties. Now, regions of New York are finally reopening. We want to help you and your family navigate the reopening of our state, whether you live at the heart of Manhattan or all the way out East in Suffolk County. Check back here for New York metro area reopening updates, tips and guidelines for taking on summer fun safely, and everything you need to know to #SavetheSummer2020 with NYMetroParents.

Which phase of reopening is the New York metro area in?

Mid-Hudson (Westchester and Rockland counties) and Long Island are currently in Phase 3 of reopening. 

New York City is in Phase 2.

What are the phases of reopening?

Phase 1: Construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off), manufacturing, wholesale trade

Phase 2: Professional services, retail, real estate, outdoor restaurants

Phase 3: Restaurants

Phase 4: Arts, entertainment, sports, education

Everything you need to have a safe and fun summer 2020 with your family:

What New York beaches are open and how do I stay safe when I visit them?

Can I swim in backyard and public pools during coronavirus?

When will playgrounds in my area open and how can I keep my kids safe?

What restaurants in my area are open and how will I stay safe eating at them?

How do I go to the dentist safely during coronavirus?

  • Dentist offices are taking a lot of CDC recommended safety measures to keep you safe when you come in for routine dental work. Here's what you need to know.

Can my kids have a playdate during coronavirus?

How do I play tennis safely during coronavirus?

How do I safely send my kid to summer camp?

When can I get a haircut in New York and how do I do it safely?

Can my kids play sports?

Can my family and friends meet my newborn?

How will child care centers keep my kids safe when they reopen?

What will summer school be like for 2020?

Can I ride public transportation?

Can we visit the grandparents during Coronavirus?

  • Wendy Proskin, M.D., of Westmed Medical Group says the best thing you can do is not see your older parents right now—that’s the only thing that will truly keep them safe. However, she understands that you miss them so if you do take the risk, maintain six feet distance and wear masks for the entirety of the visit. If you plan to spend the whole day together, have your entire family quarantine (real, true quarantine) for two weeks prior to visiting. Don't let grandparents hold newborns and ideally you should be outside during the visit. For 100% safety, Zoom and FaceTime can be fun 'visits' in their own ways.

How do I reassure my kids that it's safe to go out?

How do I keep my toddler safe if she isn't supposed to wear a mask?

Can I breastfeed if I have Coronavirus?

Can I rent a car during Coronavirus?

  • Now is not the best time to fly with your family and it may not be an ideal time to take public transportation either. If you're looking to make a short- or long- distance trip this summer, renting a car may be the safest option.

What are some fun things I can do with my kids this summer?

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