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School Advice: 7th Grader Shares 4 Tips for Peers to Start the Year Strong

School Advice: 7th Grader Shares 4 Tips for Peers to Start the Year Strong

These tips from an NYC middle schooler will help students start the new school year on a positive note.

As students return to in-person learning this fall, this school advice will help students return to in-person learning. Before the pandemic changed everything, our daily commute and time in the classroom was just another part of daily life. But, after the year and a half that we’ve all been through, attending school in the building with our friends and teachers brings on a mix of emotions. As we adjust to the new normal, here are a few things that will help us return to in-person learning with a smile on our faces.

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4 Tips for Students Returning to In-Person Learning

1. If you see others who need help, lend a hand.

The pandemic hit many people hard. Coming back in-person after such a long time makes people feel different emotions, and some people are having a harder time than others. You can help by showing them that you have their back. Find big ways and small ways to be helpful around your classroom, school, and community.

2. Do what you can to stay safe and healthy.

With many students still unvaccinated and new variants of COVID-19 arising, it’s important to keep your safety and the safety of others top of mind. Buy all your safety supplies as part of your back-to-school shopping so you’re well prepared. Once the school year starts, make sure you wear your mask and always have hand sanitizer ready. You never know when you might need a squirt! If you need a mask break during the day, go to a place where you can be alone and take a nice deep breath. Do your best to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy.

3. Keep your mental health in check.

So much has changed in the last year, and we all learned not to take things too seriously. Take breaks, talk to friends and grown-ups, and be sure that you get help if you feel like you need it. It’s not easy to deal with all the uncertainty that COVID has brought to our lives but try to focus on the things that are in your control, and not stress too much about the things that aren’t.

4. Try to remain positive.

Most adults haven’t lived through anything like the pandemic that we’re still dealing with. But you survived it! This means that you are strong, brave, and resilient! Even when things get tough, as they most likely will, remember this and stay positive!

Although we still have a long road ahead before we are back to “normal”, getting back in the classrooms with our peers will be a great start.  With just a bit of preparation, you’ll feel ready to tackle the new school year!

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Sabah Fatema Jivraj

Author: Sabah Fatema Jivraj is a seventh-grade student at the Ella Baker School in Manhattan. She enjoys biking, hiking, discovering hidden gems across the five boroughs, and reading a good book on the subway! See More

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