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Sky Village NYC Partners with Bareburger

Sky Village NYC Partners with Bareburger

Sky Village NYC is bringing the community together by offering arts and crafts classes at various Bareburger locations.

Sky Village NYC, a children's painting center in Astoria, partnered with Bareburger in to offer the brand's unique arts and crafts classes at various Bareburger locations throughout NYC. The partnership is an effort to encourage community and create unique, memorable connections between parents, caregivers, and children. 

“It's a nice break off outside of our location and the staff and management are super accommodating,” says Shasta Molnar, owner of Sky Village NYC. “The parents love it because they don't have to pack a lunch, and the kids eat clean organic farm-raised foods.”

As of October, the center is also offering mural-themed art parties, where partygoers can create a colorful 48-by-60 inch mural using a variety of acrylic paints on canvas. The finished product is given to the birthday child to hang in his or her home. Similar to the art classes offered for all ages at the center, the mural option is designed to provide an entertaining experience for kids while enhancing their motor skills and fostering their creativity.

“Everything we do is related to having fun and learning,” said Shasta Molnar, owner of the center. “They are learning organically through play.”

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