Sky Zone Deer Park to Add 3-Laned Warped Wall in December

Sky Zone Deer Park to Add 3-Laned Warped Wall in December

Sky Zone Deer Park will be adding the Warped Wall in the middle of this upcoming December. The wall is the kind of attraction you see on Ninja Warrior competitions, except there are three lanes to accommodate all levels of ability, says Anthony Grassa, general manager of Sky Zone Deer Park.

"It has three different wall heights that you can actually run up and grab to pull yourself up," says Grassa. "You can show everyone else in the park what you're able to conquer. There's a fireman's pole and slide to get back to the ground and the heights range from 8 to 14 feet off the ground."

Sky Zone Deer Park also hosts small parties, including birthday parties for two-year-old's, Sweet 16s, and Bar Mitzvahs. They also host Glow Parties every Friday night from 7-11pm, with black lights, laser beams, and fog machines. 

Sky Zone Deer Park will also be offering Fortnite parties where children can jump for part of the party and play Fortnite for the remaining time.

“Fortnite is one of the biggest things in the gaming world, so we started introducing birthday parties with Fortnite,” said Grassa. “Parents don’t like to see their kids sitting on a gaming console for hours on end. We figured out how to give them the best of both worlds; keep them active while allowing them to play the game that they obviously love to play. We’re the first to do that in terms of trampoline parks.”

For younger children, Sky Zone offers a Toddler Time program, where parents can bring their children ages 5 and under. Toddler Time is offered every Wednesday and Friday from 11am-2pm. 

Sky Zone aims to provide unparalleled and unmatched fun through the combination of fun and fitness. Sky Zone Deer Park is located at 111 Rodeo Drive in Deer Park. For more information visit the Sky Zone Deer Park website or call 631-392-2600.

Image Courtesy Sky Zone Deer Park.