Sky Zone Deer Park Debuts 90-Day Pass

Sky Zone Deer Park Debuts 90-Day Pass

This new unlimited pass allows kids to jump around at the Suffolk trampoline park as much as they want within a 3-month period!

Sky Zone Deer Parkhas offered seasonal passes before, but starting this April, it’s new 90-day pass offers jumping-obsessed kids, weekend jumpers, and people who just love Sky Zone the opportunity to jump as much as they want within a 3-month period. Kids can jump for 90 minutes at a time 7 days a week.  While jumpers are in session, they can also try out the American Ninja Warrior-inspired Warped Wall, which may look easy–but is challenging for athletes of all ages!

“If you come twice, the [90-day pass] will pay for itself in those two visits,” says Anthony Grassa, Sky Zone Deer Park's general manager. “It’s great for people that live locally and even people that live a little further out, or kids that are homeschooled, because you are required to have a gym activity session. This is going to be our best offer ever because of the price point.”

Sky Zone’s  Warped Wall, inspired by American Ninja Warrior has three heights–8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet–and kids begin on the flat floor of Sky Zone, attempting to reach the top of the wall using just their speed and momentum. The 8-foot wall can be tackled by most jumpers, but as heights climb, so does difficulty. Attractions like the Wall emphasize Sky Zone’s mission to keep kids active.

“We make it a big deal when kids get to the top, especially the 12 foot one. It’s a little different but it does revolve around being active,” Grassa says. “So everything that we do here, we try to keep people moving around. All of our attractions are aimed to be very simple by nature, so it’s accepted by all ages.”


Image courtesy Sky Zone Deer Park.