On the Blogroll: Sleeping on the Edge


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Blogging From: Forest Hills, Queens

This man is on the edge … of his bed.

Living in a small studio apartment in Queens, social worker Aaron Yavelberg began documenting his experiences as a first-time dad. Often finding Eitan, his 6-month-old son, snuggled (and often taking up quite a bit of room) between him and his wife in their bed, inspiration struck and Sleeping on the Edge, a dad blog, was born. 

Sleeping on the Edge blog photo

Dad blogger Aaron Yavelberg takes a selfie with his son Eitan.

Having studied philosophy in college, Yavelberg describes himself as quiet and introspective. Combine that with a master’s in social work, you get an insightful and often hilarious commentary on parenting. Generally from a father’s point of view with the occasional guest post from his wife Trudy, Yavelberg’s posts are well thought out, complete with footnotes.

Yavelberg claims his intentions for writing are mostly selfish. It gives him an outlet to express his opinions and is a way to chronicle important moments in his family’s life. However, Yavelberg would also like to think that his posts are relatable and eye opening. 

“I hope other fathers will feel a sense of community by seeing that they are not alone,” Yavelberg says. “I also want to try and bring certain things to light that people may not always think about.”

Yavelberg also hopes that, as his son grows older, Eitan will find the blog insightful and it will help him when he’s possibly a dad someday. Evidence of this is the touching post Yavelberg addresses to Eitan, complete with loving fatherly wisdom and funny asides. If your heart doesn’t melt when Yavelberg talks about Eitan giving hugs and kisses to his friends and animals, you probably need a checkup. Having gotten the idea to write a post to his son from websites similar to his own, Yavelberg says he has gotten a lot of feedback from the letter and plans on doing more.

“There’s always going to be a reason to write to him,” Yavelberg says. Lizzie Jenkins